On September 23rd/2023 we were hosted by Shelmerdine Garden Center at 7800 Roblin Boulevard for our long overdue Autumn Manitoba Canary and Finch Club Display.
Thank you to everyone who made it out that afternoon to make the day possible!  It was a fantastic turn out and we enjoyed meeting with all the curious and experienced folk from near and far!  We hope you grabbed a brochure to learn more about the Manitoba Canary and Finch Club, better yet a membership form, but if you missed them feel free to email in an inquiry and we can get you a virtual or paper copy!
In attendance, there were a wide variety of color canaries from Red Factor to Phaeo, Yellows and Whites, Dutch Frills, Opals, Lizards and more. We saw Woodland Aviary with his Dove varieties, All Things Feathered with her product table and wide variety of finches including Java Rice Sparrows, Shaft Tails, Zebra Finches, Gouldian and Cut Throats.  As well as Linda’s beautiful Gouldian Varieties and Dennis Swayze’s Wildlife Photography!
A BIG Thank you to all of the Shelmerdine Staff who helped us set up for this event, to our members who took the time to be at the event with their birds and knowledge, to those that spread the word from home and a humble welcome to our new members who hope to display next year!
This event is an integral part of our club happenings as it allows us the chance to demonstrate what aviculture means to us as a community and to reach others with an interest in birds.  We have a chance to get together and speak with those wanting to learn about birds, swap stories with experienced owners and share information to get the word out that bird keeping is a fulfilling and wonderful hobby.
We hope to see you at future meetings, get togethers or the 2024 Display.
-Members of the MCFC